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I Am...

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...A woman, mother, daughter, activist, student, sister, lover, friend, witch, shaman, creative, a healer, a tree talker, an avid rambler, a cat owner, a drum beater, intuitive, caring, compassionate, a good listener, fun, friendly, open-minded, non-judgemental, passionate, organised, liberated, powerful, magical...

...I am all of these and none of them at the same time.


I am that undefineable 'is-ness' - that gut feeling that tells me when I'm in danger; that stillness when I watch the moon; the silence that comes when the mind chatter stops; the fluttering in my stomach when I see someone I love. Those are all me.  

And I am here to help you find you.

I first learnt I had the ability to heal with my hands when I was 7. My Grandmother showed me a painful mark on her leg which had been there for years, and instinctively I put my hands on her and willed with all my might for the mark to go. Within a few days, the mark had gone. 


It wasn’t until 2016 that I realised what I’d been doing all my life was intuitive energy healing.

I was gifted a book about Reiki and immediately knew this was my path. Before even having a Reiki session of my own, I booked in to be attuned. I have been taught the Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Reiki, which is the foundation of all the energy healing I do, but having done this work since a very young age, I also use my own (powerful) sense of intuition and have also developed my healing techniques to include Shamanic and psychopomp methods of energy healing too. This means the experience I offer is very unique and tailored to the individual.

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I became a Shamanic Practitioner in early 2021, after two years of dedicational practice. I began to develop a deeper relationship with the land I walk on, speaking directly to the Earth, her flora and fauna, and the ancestors here before us. Alongside my continous Shamanic practices, I am studying a MA in Celtic Studies and am on a Sacred Plant Medicine mentorship. From the myth, folktales, mycelium and land, my ancestors speak to me.​

With the support of my own guides, ancestors and wise ones, I am able to offer the medicine of both the Earth and the Otherworld - connecting you to a deeper state of consciousness and your highest self, allowing you to build trust and love for yourself and your intuition. 


The energy healing I offer can benefit your mental, physical and spiritual state. A few examples of what my treatments can help with are: 

- Anxiety/depression

- Loss of sense of self

- Physical aches/pains of all sorts

- Fear

- Grief


This healing works on a deep level, where together we find the root cause of the problem and heal from the inside. I work with you to discover why you have the problem, what it is showing you and how you can work with your body, the medicine of the land and the wisdom of the ancients to come back to being a healed, truly authentic, connected and confident you.

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