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Ancient Woodland Gathering

Listen to the stories the trees have to tell.

 Feel the elements on your body.

Be held by the earth.

Walk the drum. 


We'll ground ourselves and find our place, and temporarily forget time and space.

Instead we'll share the words of the trees. We'll sit in the the hum of the drum,

and we'll move gently with the breeze that licks your skin and stirs 

the cauldron of magic that sits deep within

your body. 

We'll connect to the earth and non-human kin,

and seek the wisdom from the spider who spins her delicate web 

between sky and root. We'll sit with the magestically big and the incredibly minute, 

remembering just who we are: magical beings that came from the stars. 



We'll connect to nature, ground ourselves, we'll walk a drum journey and we'll dance our power animals. You're also welcome to bring your own drum and we'll find the trees and parts of the land that need our healing too.


This ancient woodland is privately owned by a friend of mine who is opening her gate to let us have this magical experience, which allows me to hold incredibly safe space where we are free to be our authentic selves in a sacred container that won't be overlooked or intruded upon by people passing by.

You'll need to bring with you:


Yoga mat/something comfortable to lay on
* Weather appropriate clothing
* A pillow & blanket
* An offering for the land (flowers, food for the birds, a stone...anything that you feel drawn to give)
* A musical instrument or Shamanic Drum (if you don't have either, it won't matter)
* Bottle of water for yourself/flask of drink
* Journal & pen


The woodland is raw - there is a very basic compost loo but this is it! If you want to escape and get back to the basics for a few hours, this is definitely the land that will support you with that!

Places are limited - car sharing is advised where possible - please let me know if you're willing to do this/pick people up on the way. Location will be given to you upon booking but is near The Wrekin (not up it..don't worry, no big hikes involved!)


(Tickets are non-refundable)
May 20th 2023 10am - 2pm

August 19th 2023 10am - 2pm

Ancient Woodland Magic

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