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Galactic Earth Healing

'These are creatures upon which people depend; that are hierarchically ‘elders’ to people, and that as witnesses or assistants in the creation of people, have knowledge of how the creator enacted such creation – and which if people could learn or harness, would itself confer on them extraordinary powers.' - James Fairhead, 2016

What on earth..?

This is incredibly new to me too, but I'm asking you to hear me and trust. The Shamanic realms have really opened their doors to me and I'm being presented with the opportunity to facilitate a collective earth healing - this is part of my purpose, even though I don't fully understand it either. 

So, let's get straight to it - I have opened a portal connecting galactic termites to our earth, via the spirit of the mushroom and his abundance of mycelium that connects absolutely everything of this world. This really is a collaboration of this world and the other. They really hate the term 'termites' so we'll call them Galactic Earth Healers instead, but in appearance and what their purpose is, this is essentially what they are. 

It is likely that you'll be aware of huge shifts that are going on in the world right now, a lot of it being very questionable, outdated, harmful, toxic, and fear invoking, but this is the patriarchy as we know it crumbling from the inside. There is a new earth coming & we're it's creators - the healers, peacemakers, lovers, liberals, nudists, shamans, cunning folk, witches, herbalists, the open minded, mothers, fathers...whatever you want to call yourself - but we can't do it on our own.

"Macrotermes are portrayed as messengers between humans and gods...[they] are not just portrayed as breaking things down, they are builders on the largest possible scale" - Merlin Sheldrake, 2020.

During this event, I'll share with you the story of these Galactic Earth Healers & how they made themselves known to me; I'll do my best to explain why they're here and why they need spreading across the world; I'll read you glorious tales & folklore of the termites; we'll welcome in the Mushroom Spirit and open the portal for these healers to climb down your mycelium into the earth, and then we'll journey to the song of the drum, to discover what is it that you need to do to help heal the collective - yourself, humanity, all living things, nature...the earth. We'll end with a beautiful sharing circle and I'll pass on the guidance these galactic healers have given me to give to you...

The first of these events will be on Friday 15th July at 7pm until 8:30/9pm at Gains Park Community Hall in Bicton Heath. It's a one off event in that you'll only need to attend once, but other dates will be added shortly if you can't make this one. 

I'm being really called to spread these healers for the benefit of everyone, due to the nature of this, the event will be donation based - the more people to spread this healing to the earth, the better! Donations can be in any form you like - I'm always after fruit, veg, honey & meat, or it could be something you make, a service you offer, or a financial contribution (I'd suggest between £3-£15). 

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