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Hello Magical Beings

Everything I do is rooted in the sense that we are completely undefineable.

This is where our true magic is.

As we experience life we have roles and labels assigned to us, and it's my belief that when we try to define ourselves, we lose ourselves completely. From that feeling of disconnect to your body and a sense of loss of who 'you really are', anxiety and illnesses occur and affect our wellbeing and mental health.


My goal is to help you come back to your most authentic self. I want to help you find your confidence, voice, creativity and boundaries. Tell your stories to me and let me hold your feelings in whatever form they appear, with tenderness and nuture.


I work with the highest version of yourself - that most authentic, beautiful, undefinable you. Maybe you're lost in the shadows of your trauma, or buried under the weight of a past life, or just totally worn out by unrealistic expectations, but I am here to help you. I know that YOU are in there. You are a magical being with so, so much to offer the world and it is my calling to help you reignite that flame. 

Let me help you to feel free.


"Danielle has a lovely warm energy about her and she instantly made me feel really comfortable and safe. The healing I felt during, and since, the session was deep and profound. I now feel lighter and more at peace. It’s obvious from my experience that Danielle is a gifted healer who I’ll definitely be visiting again in the future."


"I had distance reiki with Danielle and I felt very relaxed. Also what she said about my chakras and body was very accurate! Danielle is very intuitive!"


"Danielle has an amazing gift. I have been receiving distance reiki  for the past year and always feel re-centered, lighter and freer after our sessions. Danielle is intuitive, kind and energetically healing. I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life."


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