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These appointments are infused with Shamanic techniques that allow me to remove energetic blocks that are stoppiung you from changing and growing and accessing your authentic self. I work with your guides, your physical body and your energtic body to ensure that all things prohibiting you from moving forward are identified and, where possible, removed. These sessions are deeply relaxing and restorative whilst incredibly transformational.

We work together to open sacred space, calling in our guides, ancestors, elements, and otherworldly beings to guide us safely into the shamanic realms. From this other place we can work with other to bring lost pieces of ourselves back; to dis-member and re-member ourselves; to seek advice, wisdom and clairty from our highest selves and helpful guides. These sessions are never pre-planned and we work intuitively on the day. 

Shamanic Appointments

Celtic Oracle Reading

An in depth 15 card reading using the Celtic Ogham. One of the first forms of written languages, often described as the secret language of the Druids, allows us to explore the hidden realms in your life. Modern ogham and druidry has ascribed these symbols to ancient and native trees and plants, which we communicate with during this reading to give you an incredibly thorough insight into your intentions and questions.

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