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Reiki &
Energy Healing


I have been taught the Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Reiki and this is the foundation of all my energy healing treatments. My own technique focuses a lot on intuition and brings in Shamanic elements, which allows me to talk to your guides and ancestors to create a healing that is so powerful and unique to you.

Working with the shamanic elements of energy healing, I am able to find and remove your energetic blockages much faster; I'm in communication with your ancestors to find the root of the issue(s) and I use the energy from the Earth to help ground you. 


The energy healing I offer can benefit your mental, physical and spiritual state. A few examples of what my treatments can help with are: 

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Physical aches/pains of all sorts

  • Fear

  • Grief

  • General relaxation

This is because the healing works on a deep level, where together we find the root cause of the problem and heal from there. Of course I would always recommend seeking help from a medical professional too, but my treatments can be complementary to this. For example, I cannot rid you of a physical infection, but I can work with you to discover why you have the infection and what this is showing you: Do you need to strengthen your boundaries? Is this connected to a past life? Have you got old, stagnant energy weighing you down that needs to be removed?


Each session is different for the individual but generally consists of:
  • Creating sacred space 
  • Calling in guides and ancestors
  • Opening all the chakras
  • Clearing chakra blocks
  • Identifying and clearing energetic blocks stuck in the body
  • Clearing your aura
  • Communicating messages from your ancestors/guides 
  • Working with energy from above and below to restore balance in the body​​

A bespoke session

  • Session length can be chosen from 60 or 90 minutes

  • This can be done in person or remotely

  • Option to have a write up of your session (including which chakras were open/closed, were there any blocks & how were they removed, any intuitive information I sensed during the session, any messages/advice from your ancestors, and oracle card reading). Some people find this helpful to have after the session so they can reflect on the treatment a few days after it has happened.

  • Divination tools for you to use before/after the session are available, including Ogham sticks and a variety of oracle and tarot cards



  • Distance Healing (without write up) £40

  • Distance Healing (with write up) £50

  • In person treatment (without write up):
    60 minutes £50
    90 minutes £60


  • In person treatment (with write up):
    60 minutes £60
    90 minutes £75

All first time, in person sessions will be 90 minutes and cost £75, sessions thereafter can very in length and detail as requested by you. A £25 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, and payment plans are accepted if you cannot afford to pay for the session in one installment. I believe this healing should be for everyone, so please chat with me to discuss alternative payment plans.

In person treatments vary in location depending on room availability, but are all Shrewsbury based.


For distance treatments, I will work from my own sacred space and you get to relax wherever you feel most safe and comfortable.

Consent Form

Please complete the Client Information & Consent form before the morning of your appointment: Click here to complete the form.

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