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An Empowerment Movement

Tits to the Wind is more than just baring your flesh on top of a hill!
Oh yeah, it’s definitely liberating, but this is just one layer of what is actually achieved.


This is about being seen, being vulnerable, being powerful, facing your fears, connecting with nature, feeling the elements, becoming embodied, empowering others, finding your own confidence, and stepping into our truest, sovereign selves. 


This is an empowerment movement, designed to bring you back into your power, whilst witnessing the magic of others too. Yes, we get our tits out…but this really is a tiny part of what we do. We’re shedding the layers that no longer serve us - we will not be shamed for being women, for having bodies, for being sexual beings, or for being amazing Goddesses who acknowledge our worth. 


For too many years the patriarchy have controlled our lives so that we’ve become diminished, without us even knowing about it! From the day we’re both, even if we’re bought up by the most woke, feminist, liberal family, we have these ancestral wounds and burdens that we carry. A lot of us (if not all of us) suffer from this- whether it’s shaming our bodies for how they look, feeling guilty about prioritising ourselves, or instilling ridiculous ideologies into our lives because ‘X is what it means to be a successful woman’. 


This is a story telling. We’ll tell our own stories and we’ll witness over the course of 9 months how our own narrative changes. We’ll tell the stories of the land we’ll sit upon, the land who will hold, nurture and witness us. Stories of the warrior women and Goddesses whose archetypes we’ll practice stepping into until we find our own Warrior Goddess selves…because she’s in there and she’s ready to tell her own story too! does it work & how do I join?

Join us for 9 months - a growing of yourself, a shedding of your shame and a re-birth into your highest, most magical and confident self. 


We’ll be meeting 4 times throughout the 9 months: Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain. Times and locations TBC (2022) to those who book onto the Movement, though our last gathering will include a 2 night stay in Anglesey.

What you’ll get from joining us:
~ x4 in person, group gatherings (lunches provided and final gathering includes accommodation (and main meal) for 2 nights in Anglesey)

~ Access to our private facebook group with the others joining you on this journey

~ x2 virtual gatherings

~ Sacred space being held for you 

~ Shamanic healing
~ Reiki Treatments

~ Soul Shakti Dancing 

~ Drum Journeying

~ Confidence building

~ Knowledge of the land

~ Developing a deeper connection with nature

~ Finding and reclaiming your power! 


How much will it cost?

The cost for the 9 months is £450 per person, which you can either pay in full or via monthly installments - a £100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place. 


Due to the locations planned, you must be able to walk up (sometimes) quite steep inclines - there’ll be no rush to make it to the top, so you don’t have to be the fittest you’ve ever been, but just have the perseverance and willingness to do it! 


So, come and join Danielle & Jane with their combined magic and wisdom and their beautiful tits, and let’s get you feeling comfortable and sovereign in your own body, mind and spirit too! 

Contact me to get in touch to book your place or to ask any questions!

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