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Tits To The Wind 

Saturday 13th May 2023

Join myself and Jane (of Wild Moon Wellbeing) for a fabulous, fun and liberating day on the hillside, on Saturday 13th May at 10 am, helping you to step forward into the fullness of you!

We recognise that by baring our skin to each other and the land around us, we’re ridding ourselves of the shame put on us by an outdated, patriarchal society. Our bodies are OURS, and we take back sovereignty when we stand, tits to the wind, with purpose and pride.

However…there is absolutely no obligation to bare any of your skin.

You will be seen, loved and nourished by sharing your stories with us in circle, by witnessing and holding others who might be stripping off…all in a trauma informed, non-judgemental space. We see you, hear you, hold you, as does the Great Mother and our more-than-human kin.

We’ll be celebrating our bodies with the hope of having total loving acceptance of ourselves and each other exactly as we are, all self identifying women welcome.

Meet us near Corndon Hill (Wales/Shropshire border) at 10am, for a day of walking, drum journeying, empowerment and liberation.

You will need to be confident in your ability to navigate uneven and hilly terrain, but we have allowed plenty of time for different ability levels, so there’s no rush or pressure here. In order to make this event as accessible for all there is choice to climb the steep hill or for you to take some time connecting to the land and yourself… all still with the option to experience Tits to the Wind with the surrounding sisterhood!

The day will run from 10am – 2pm with an investment of £45, places can be booked below.

This is a joyful, powerful and life changing experience that we can’t wait to share with you.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Trees in the Wind

About your facilitators

Danielle & Jane have been growing alongside each other for the past three years, both invested in their practice of self development, facing their fears, growing in confidence and self worth as well as strengtthening their connection to the more than human - the land and all the many not-so-human beings that reside upon her, our ancestors, our wise guides, walking the border between this world and the other. We want to help you connect to yourself and your intuition and trust on a much deeper level, so that you remember and can step into your own power, finding your own magic. We believe that when women come together, true magic happens. We hold a judgement free, trauma informed space that allows us to be vulnerable with our stories, and in this vulnerbaility comes the surrender to fear; we know it is no easy thing to share your stories, your insecurities, your strengths and weaknesses with women you may not have met before, but this is a beautiful and courageous first step into owning yourself, taking back power and realising that absolutely no one can hold you back. 

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