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Wild Night

We need to quieten the noise, and to do this, we retreat into silence. 

Broken Trunk

Wild Night is the start of your transformation...

This is for you if you recognise that you're feeling a bit lost in yourself, as though you're waiting for something to happen, or that you know something needs to change but you don't know what. Maybe a significant change has already happened and it's left you feeling numb, confused, lost, or even as though you're in a liminal place - not really here, but also here. 

Perhaps you feel completely disconnected from yourself and the world around you, or you struggle to spend time in your own company; maybe your reliance and focus is on others rather than on yourself. Yet deep within you, you know you're more than capable of achieving anything you put your intention to, you know you're motivated, confident and powerful, but that part of you has been drowned out by external noise that tells you you always need to be doing & giving & achieving & that you need to look amazing & have loads of friends & loads of money else you've failed. So now you're worn out, burnt out and not acting from a place of your truth.

You will spend the night in total silence, under the stars in an ancient woodland. 

Prior to this we will gather in circle, journey to meet the land we'll be sleeping on and nature walk to phsyically introduce ourselves to the fungi, flora & fauna. We'll create beautiful art with nature: weavings, drawings, jewellery, crowns (if you think can do it!). Then we will walk to find your own spot in nature where you will spend the night with little/no shelter, getting to know the trees before getting to know yourself. We'll light a fire and have an evening circle, and once the embers die down, so we retreat into silence, into nature and into ourselves. 

I know that if you're reading this, your inner truth, your absolute highest self is starting to shout and you're starting to hear her. Deep within you something is feeling her become alive again. That is why I have created Wild Night. This is a chance for you to come back to you, to gain clarity, focus and deep insight. It's a chance for you to immerse yourself in silence and stillness, to face your fears and to find your confidence. This is you re-claiming your power! 

Green Forest


When is it?

We'll meet on Saturday 17th September 2022 (time tbc), and we'll depart before midday on Sunday 18th September.


How much is it?

The total cost of Wild Night is £225.00. To book your place I ask for a £100 non-refundable deposit. The rest can be paid in the week prior to the event. I'm also open to discuss staggered payment plans if you cannot pay the rest in full, email me to discuss this.

What is included in the price?

1x Shamanic 1:1 (via zoom) prior to the event*

1x Shamanic 1:1 (via zoom) after the event

All food and water (and herbal tea) will be supplied 

Craft materials for nature creations

Drum Journeying 

Access to a beautiful, ancient woodland that is privately owned & therefore usually unaccessible to the public

Safe space holding - I will be there the entire night, supporting you how you need, holding safe, non-judgemental, trauma-informed space for you as you share your stories and experience

(*An online Shamanic 1:1 with me usually costs £65)

Where is the event held?

The woodland is based near The Wrekin in Telford. The woodland is privately owned but we've been given permission to use it for this experience. This ensures that there will be no (human) trespassers whilst we're there - you may, however, encounter wild deer and other woodland animals! The full address will be given to you at time of booking.

What do I need to bring?

Weather appropriate clothing 
Lots of warm clothing (inc. hat), blankets, sleeping bag etc for the evening

If you have one, an open shelter in case of rain/something to protect you in case it does rain

An offering to the woodland (oats, flowers, period blood...anything you feel called to gift)

Water bottle


Journal & pen

Mug, bowl & spoon

Toilet paper & hand sanitiser

Anything that's going to make you feel safer ie. crystals, cards, flowers, a soft pillow, something that has a homely smell...

Can I bring a tent?

I'd advise against it as the idea is stepping into a full nature immersion to seek the wisdom nature and the night have to give you. If, however, it would make you feel safer to have one, you can of course bring one to sleep in. You'll get out of the experience whatever you put in - sleeping in a tent isn't 'cheating' and could still offer you exactly what you need from the experience, so there's no judgement if you do want to bring one. As facilitator & space holder, I will be bringing a tent to sleep in. Your wellbeing is really important to me; if I too am immersed in the experience, (what is effectively a very short vision quest) I won't be at full availability in my own mindset to be there for you.

Will I be fully alone?

No & yes...You will be alone in whatever part of the woodland you choose to sleep and meditate in, however we are all there as a group, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that other people (who you'll come to know well) are close by. I will also be there with you for the entire duration, and if you need anything during the night you will be able to come and find me so I can support you & whatever you're potentially experiencing. I'll be able to sleep others in my tent if anyone is really struggling with the experience. 

Am I allowed to eat?

I am going to suggest fasting from the Friday night before the event until breakfast on Sunday morning. Fasting can help to clear your head, allowing you to be more receptive to your body, needs and the wisdom offered by 'other'. I will supply a light breakfast on the Sunday morning for us to share. Please let me know of any allergies/intolerances.

Are there any facilities on site?

There is a compost toilet that can be used for poos, but nature wees are encouraged. There is no running/drinking water, but I'll be bringing plenty of bottled water for everyone. You may wish to bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitiser.  

Will there be a first aider on site?

I have recently completed first aid training and will bring with me a first aid kit in case of any accidents. However (as you'll be made to sign), you'll take complete responsibility for your safety and wellbeing during the event. Please listen to yourself and don't do anything you feel uncomfortable or unsafe doing. 

Can anyone book?

This event is open to all those who self identify as women, no men unfortunately. This is purely because you'll probably be feeling a bit vulnerable and out of your comfort zone anyway, and for some women, the presence of a male (especially at night whilst you're 'sleeping' in the open woodland) can be quite triggering and intimidating. There may be another similar event in the future that is open to all genders, but not this time.

What if it rains? 
I will keep an eye on the weather and if it's really looking like it's going to be soaking the entire weekend, I will reschedule the event. However, if you have an open shelter or some tarp to lay on and use as a shelter, then we can still go ahead with the event regardless of the weather. It's totally unpredictable so let's just see how it's looking in the lead up to the event.

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