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Ancient Woodland Gathering


Listen to the stories the trees have to tell, feel the elements on your body and be held by the earth.


We'll walk barefoot to ground ourselves and become present, finding the right trees to lay beneath who want to hear our stories as they share theirs. We'll connect to the web of roots and mycelium that have been here for centuries, remembering who we are - that we are nature too.

We'll share in circle and listen to the songs of the drum - a beautiful combination of forest (woodland) bathing, shamanic journeying, and meditation.


This ancient woodland is privately owned by a friend of mine who is opening her gate to let us have this magical experience.


You'll need to bring with you:

* Yoga mat/something comfortable to lay on
* Weather appropriate clothing
* A pillow & blanket
* An offering for the land (flowers, food for the birds, a stone...anything that you feel drawn to give)
* A musical instrument or Shamanic Drum (if you don't have either, it won't matter)
* Bottle of water for yourself/flask of drink
* Journal & pen

The woodland is raw - there is a very basic compost loo but this is it! If you want to escape and get back to the basics for a few hours, this is definitely the land that will support you with that!

Places for this event are very limited due to limited car parking. If people are willing to car share, I can have up to 10 attendees, if not, there might just be 3 of us! Please let me know if you're willing to pick people up/car share - I can collect from Shrewsbury. Location will be given upon booking, but is near The Wrekin.

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