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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is an ancient practice found in different cultures all across the world and each culture will have their own ways of conducting Shamanic healing, however one consistent throughout all varieties of Shamanism is the connection between us, the land and all the beings upon her, and opening the bridge to the otherworlds. It's the acknowledgement that we are all connected, to that which we see and that which we cannot. It's turning off our very human minds and going in search of the ancient wisdom that is in our bones; it's delving into your body to patch up the holes that were created when you had to protect yourself; it's hearing the stories of the trees, and listening to how the earth wants nourishing and how she can nourish you. It's a deep dive into trusting your intuition and fully listening amidst both chaos and complete silence. It's beautiful and murky, and sometimes a combination of a gentle guiding and a forceable push in the right direction. All of it is meant for you and your highest good and you won't be shown or given anything that spirit (ancestors, guides, the universe...) don't think you can handle.

During a 1:1 Shamanic session with me, I open container and access to the otherworlds via my own guides and ancestors, I invite yours to be there too, creating a sacred, safe and loving space. I hold a completely confidential and non-judgemental space for you to be able to speak openly and comfortably, knowing that you're being fully heard. How the session runs will be completely different for everyone and I very much trust my intuition and see what happens on the day - there is a deep trust in this work that tells me everything will be what it is supposed to be on the day, for you. However what you might experience could be a guided drum journey or meditation; a soul retrieval; a dis-membering or a re-membering; an energetic clearing, or even a reiki/energy healing might be that we have a dance or speak for the entire time! Your session will be just right for you

All Shamanic sessions last 90 minutes and cost £80 - you can book using the button below. I am happy for this to be paid in installments, so please contact me before booking if this works best for you. For more information, please get in touch.

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