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JANUARY 27TH - 28TH 2024

Shropshire/Herefordshire border.

We're inviting you to take back all that has been taken from you and so you never lose it again, we're going to help you make it into the most beautiful, powerful piece of jewellery that'll be totally unique to you - a lifelong symbolic token of your reclaimed sovereignty!

'Sovereignty: The intrinsic authority and power of an individual to determine their own path; Not being manipulated/controlled by any person, group or institution; Having agency and autonomy over your life; being able to make your own decisions from your own place of truth.'

It is now more than ever that we need women to take ownership of their sovereignty! You may not have realised that it has been taken from you, perhaps you’ve unknowingly given it away, for every time you’ve held your forked tongue because you didn’t want to be seen as confrontational; every time you’ve have your boundaries trampled over because you were scared of appearing controlling or even ‘mean’, and every time you've adjusted your needs and wants because you don’t want to inconvenience others your sovereignty has diminished.

It has to stop.

We’re in a world where so much of our expression and behaviour is dictated to us: women should be small (energetically and physically), givers, quiet, mothers, generous and kind. What we desperately need are people who are the beautiful meld of both feminine and masculine energies, people who are in control of their sovereignty. We can be both a docile hare and proud stag, shapeshifting between the two on an inhale.


Sovereignty lies in your body, boundaries, creativity, words, actions, desires and needs.

This is the event that’s going to help you find all the shades of your truth and return them to you.

During this weekend retreat on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border, you'll be held in a trauma-informed space that is going to honour you exactly as you are. Space is going to be created for you to deeply dream your sovereign self into existence, where you'll also find your own unique symbol which you'll then turn into the most powerful and gorgeous silver pendant!

The weekend will include: Storytelling, mindful movement, jewellery making, art, meditation, nature connection, and beautifully crafted activities that will help you to appreciate (and find) all the shades of your authentic expression.


Payment plans accepted to help spread the cost if needed.

All bookings require a non-refundable £100 deposit to be paid at the time of booking. 

A beautiful, private manor estate on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border. Lots of stunning land, space, views and walks. You're invited to stay on site the entire weekend, there are enough beds for everyone, though rooms are shared.  

The full weekend will start at 10am on Saturday 27th January 2024 and will end by 5pm on Sunday 28th January 2024. Full location will be given at time of booking.

A 2 day retreat, with days full of storytelling and delicately curated activities to help you take back your sovereignty INCLUDING the creation of your own power pendant, which will then be cast in silver, to help you take ownership of your power & truth on a daily basis!

All materials for activities and jewellery making provided.

Lunches provided both days. 

A comfortable bed for the night in a beautiful location on the magical borderlands!

Trauma-informed space holding.

Be held in a like-minded community of women. 

A suggestion of what you may like to bring with you will be sent upon booking

No way! This is open to all levels of creative experience. You will be guided on how to create your power symbol, and will be taught on the day how to carve it to create your pendant

Please send me an email with any enquiries you have about this event:

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