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Drum Journeying

Listening to the beat of the drum has similar advantages to meditating: The resonance from the drum aligns and changes our own frequency. This leads to a reduction in stress and anxiety, and a promotion of relaxation, a sense of peace, re-balancing and often a profound, deep healing and a renewed sense of self.

We journey to meet our highest selves, shadow selves, ancestors and guides, as well as our power animals. Sometimes we journey with the energy of the lunar cycle and other times we journey to our own cycle & rhythm. Regardless of your belief, I create sacred space of non-judgement so you can fully relax into the session and make it your own. 

Each session will last approximately an hour, where we’ll start with a small introduction to the session, followed by 2x 15 minute journeys, where I’ll be drumming for you. There’ll be a small break in-between journeys so that you can journal, pull oracle cards, chat to those around you, reflect on anything that may have come up for you. A variety of herbal teas are provided for the session too.

You do not need to have any prior experience of meditation or drum journeying to attend!

You will need to bring your own:

  • Yoga mat/something comfortable to lay on

  • Blanket

  • Cushion

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19th January
9th Feb
1st March
12th April
10th May

7th June
The sessions on 10th May and 7th June will be held at Worthen Village Hall, Worthen, SY5 9HT (what3words: encloses.invoices.paler). There is a car park with free parking, plenty of space in the hall, toilets and disabled access.
Gains Park Community Hall, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury, SY3 5HF 
There is free parking on site, plenty of space in the hall, toilets and disabled access.
£10 per person
Payment must be made prior to the session to reserve your place. Payment can be made by clicking the button below. Please discuss discuss with me if you would rather pay in cash.
For further questions, email me:
Text: 07933 999 131
I look forward to seeing you!
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