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Celtic Oracle Reading


Celtic Oracle Readings are performed with a set of cards each displaying a sacred tree, shrub, flower or place that correlate to the ancient Ogham alphabet. Alongside this I use my handcarved Ogham sticks as a divination aid. 

Ogham is considered the secret language of the Celtic Druids (Celtic in this sense meaning Welsh, Irish & Scottish) and has been found dated back to the 3rd Century inscribed in stones and tombs. 

This magical language has hidden within in so much depth; the trees become ancient poets and their poems can help shed light on how you can move forward and what you need to release.

Oracle divination with the ogham is quite new (in the grand scheme of things) but what is certain is that during your reading, I connect to my own Celtic ancestors; I intuit with the old wisdom in my bones, and I connect with the land and nature around me, communicating with all that is, to be guided and led so that your reading becomes so much more that cards pulled from a deck. It's a reading filled with love, stories, nurture, wisdom, trust and messages from your guides and ancestors.


All card readings are done remotely - I connect with you energetically for 20 minutes while your cards are intuitively chosen by me, the Ogham sticks, your ancestors & guides, and by the land, treees and elements.

I will keep energetic connection with you open once the cards have been chosen so that I can then write up your reading over the course of the next 2-3 hours. 

This is a really in depth spread: 15 cards in total are chosen to give you a past, present and future reading as well as more insight into: foundation, spotlight, vocalisation, dreams and etheric link. 

For more information, please email me. 
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